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The benobe Technology

benobe is a web-based product and accompanying iPhone application developed to provide career exploration to students across the United States. benobe is a turn-key solution written in a modular, modern environment consisting of HTML, JQuery, Node.js, and MongoDB. benobe was designed with separation of concerns in mind to support both a common web service API to support web applications and mobile applications under one common set of functions.

  • Data in benobe is supported in two MongoDB databases, a Career/Provisioning database and a separate Analytics database.
  • Web services are REST based and use JSON as the data carrier between the applications and the web server.
  • Career data in benobe was initially created using ONet career information version 9.
  • The management of benobe users, career data, and sponsored stories are all performed using interfaces developed within benobe and a companion User Management application.
  • There also exists a wide number of “helper” functions that translates ONet career data into MongoDB insert statements in the event a complete data refresh of career information is warranted.
  • The benobe web services and data storage are highly scalable due to their stateless nature and expansion of data into MongoDB shards.
  • The benobe web application is developed as a single document application leveraging JQuery pagination and AJAX based web service queries.

The technology base was developed with integration with partners as the ultimate objective. The benobe web and mobile applications are one representation of career information and career stories. The benobe API services were developed to be utilized by other technology applications and platforms.

Download API Services Documentation