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People are looking for real and meaningful career stories told by companies, industry, and academia to make better career decisions. From post high school education and training to providing real world anecdotal stories, career storytellers make career exploration better.

Why Tell Career Stories?

People are looking. Whether starting a career search, looking for a career change or just curious about what careers are out there, people want reliable and informative career stories. Beyond sanitized and statistically listed definitions, people crave the breadth provided in real career stories such as where to go for training and continued education, what companies hire people in these careers, what are the local organizations and clubs for this career, and what do future employers really consider important for people to know. Career storytellers benefit when people make well-informed career decisions as the end results lead to quality candidates, engaged employees, and higher retention rates.

Sample Career Stories

Career Professional

Industry Association

Career Training & Education

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Companies and Industry

Company and Industry storytellers shape how careers are represented, build future talent pipelines and most importantly, build loyalty with people in the process of career exploration. Storytellers tell their story in a variety of ways; through story videos, creating a company or industry landing page, and add hyperlinks to your hosted program pages.


Groups, Clubs and Events

Community is a powerful thing. Groups, clubs and events help practitioners in a local area share career stories with those people who desire to learn more. Storytelling through the lens of your group, club or event drives attendance rates and attracts new people who benefit from the experience.


Education, Certification & Training Centers

You’re the ladder helping people go from career decision to career realization. Career storytelling from your university, college, trade school or certification program lets people know where they can go to get the training, education, and skills necessary to pursue their goals.


Parents, Counselors and Mentors

You’re invested in helping people succeed and benobe is an additional tool to help you support people during their career exploration process. Create a free account yourself, search and favorite careers that can be leveraged in one-on-one conversations.