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benobe provides engaging and free career exploration applications that broaden and deepen career knowledge. We proudly partner with companies, industry, and academia to expand each career story in a way that encourages engagement and local community awareness.

Passionate About Careers

We started benobe after noticing how little people actually knew about career possibilities and how misinformed they were about the careers they were passionate about. When we investigated the “why” behind the “what” we noticed a few things:

  • There is little engaging career data out there and virtually nothing that ties local community and company stories with exciting career opportunities. Careers are told through averaged and sanitized information that hides the nuances of career applicability around the nation.
  • The amount of career sensationalism in popular media today, while notorious in generating career interests, falls short on career realities.
  • Many people get excited about potential careers regardless of the alignment in current skills, aptitude and characteristics.
  • Career exploration and discovery are personal, sometimes private, activities and require access to career stories anytime, anywhere. With individual account creation and access to web and mobile applications, building trust and confidence is key.
  • Words are good but videos are awesome. Meaningful videos that address explicit career questions by real people from real organizations significantly increases the impact of the career stories.
  • Career exploration must be free.

We Are A Community

Career exploration is a community effort. Collecting, curating and compiling engaging career stories is no small exercise and is only made possible through our Sponsors, Advocates, Partners and Promoters. We appreciate those who are as passionate about careers as we are.

In 2015, we ran a successful Kickstarter project — we are grateful to our project backers for their support!


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